Unsanity, LLC is a privately-held software company based in the state of Utah, USA with employees all over the world.

Unsanity, formed in May of 2000 is a company featuring skilled programmers experienced in different projects, including the top rated software applications for MacOS.

Unsanity is devoted to developing high, commercial quality software at affordable prices. Software developed by Unsanity is distributed mainly through the Internet.

Unsanity is currently focusing on developing products for Apple's new operating system, MacOS X. Our hacks, or "haxies" as we call them extend MacOS X by providing additional features people miss on the new system.

Our award-winning haxie Window Shade X adds a completely customizable WindowShade effect to MacOS X so you can quickly "roll up" a window on your screen to peek behind, or make it transparent.

FruitMenu is a haxie that allows you to customize Apple menu and add your frequently used drives, folders and more into it.

Xounds will add the Appearance Sounds feature to MacOS X.

Our free haxies, ShadowKiller and Dock Detox will let you remove shadows from MacOS X and keep the application dock icons from bouncing when they need your attention.

Unsanity's other products include Unsanity Echo, a high-end versatile audio media player for MacOS X and Mint Audio, which is an innovative audio player for both MacOS and MacOS X.

Our mission is to create high quality, affordable software that is usable, and has a unique concept and feeling. We prefer the MacOS over all other platforms, but we are not limited to it. Our ultimate goal is to create software that is remarkable and recognizable by any user and that compliments the way the human brain works. If a user expects a feature to be present, it will be.

To achieve these goals we will develop extensive business contacts, build a reputation of a moral company, and create respectable, innovative joint ventures to satisfy customer needs.

Unsanity works with leading companies on the software market to ensure the superiour quality of its software. We believe that only cooperation between different companies will make users benefit from modern technologies and products.

Among our partners are:

Daily Contributor - Craigslist Used Cars

Hustle Drops Review - Are they just expensive mints?

SystemError - Jake Smith, the designer behind our products (including Unsanity Echo and Mint Audio)

eSellerate - our partner who handles electronic payments for purchases of our products

Aladdin Systems, Inc - the developers of the most known StuffIt compression products

c|net download.com - the leading software directory and download site on the Internet

MpegTV, LLC - the developers of award-winning MPEG audio and video tools

Icecast.org - free audio streaming software and directory

OGG Vorbis - patent-free alternative to the MP3 format

MacCustomise.com - a site dedicated to customisation of Mac

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