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EchoVision is the name of our outstanding music visualization system. There are no other products on either Mac and PC that come close to its flexibility and power.

While most other visualizers display just one set of effects, varying them sometime, EchoVision is a completely open, customizable system designed to take full advantage of MacOS and Velocity Engine.

The basic idea is very simple. There are a set of visual plugins, each providing some basic effects, like three plugins below:




With EchoVision, you can mix these plugins together to create a much more stunning picture:


This alone is pretty impressive, yet it's just a small part of real EchoVision functionality. Just mixing a few plugins is not what EchoVision is about.

EchoVision has 3 kinds of plugins available to users. We call them Renderers, Effects, and Composers. What exactly are they?

Renderer plugins are the ones that draw, or render something. For example, three plugins on the screenshots above are Renderer plugins. You can change the ordering of Renderer plugins much like one can change layers in Photoshop.

Terrain3D Renderer Plugin

Effect plugins are the ones that apply effects onto Renderer plugins. They attach to the Renderer plugins; every Renderer plugin can have its own set of Effects attached. These plugins include effects such as Blur, Rotate, Zoom, Invert, and more. Using Effect plugins you can achieve great visual results!

Terrain3D + Blur
Terrain3D + Blur Effect

Terrain3D + Flood
Terrain3D + Flood Effect

Composer plugins are used to mix two adjustent Renderer plugins. They can be used to make one Renderer plugin to act like a mask to another Renderer plugin, and so on.

But that's not all! Most plugins have settings specific to them, which gives you an even more space for creativity! You can make bars wider, lines thicker, change their colors, and so on!

Terrain3D with solid fills & different color
Terrain3D with solid fills & different color

By mixing various Renderers, Effects, and Composers, you can create stunning visual effects, save them in the form of Presets to share with other users and for using later. There are a handful of already-made presets available for you to download.

Our audio players Unsanity Echo and Mint Audio support EchoVision. Here's a table for you to get a better idea on which features are supported in each player.

Unsanity Echo

Mint Audio
EchoVision Presets + +
EchoVision in Main Window + +
Fullscreen EchoVision +  
EchoVision in the Dock   +
Preset Editing & Creation +  

Download Unsanity Echo or Mint Audio

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