Unsanity, LLC is a rapidly growing company focusing on developing software applications for the MacOS.

Currently, a few products have been released. One of them, Unsanity Echo is a powerful audio player for MacOS that is capable of playing many popular sound formats such as MP3, IT, S3M, CD Audio, AC3, AIFF, and more.

Our second product is called Mint Audio. it is a slim audio player for both MacOS and MacOS X with an impressive list of features and supported audio formats.

However, we at Unsanity try to research different areas of the software market for the MacOS and MacOS X, therefore we are not limiting ourselves to the field of audio applications.

With the release of ShadowKiller we are stepping in an entirely new territory of MacOS X hacks (or haxies as we call them). Our second haxie, WindowShade X has proven the popularity of our approach. Expect more various haxies that enhance Apple's next generation OS in the near future! Oh, and if you think you know what can make users' life on MacOS X even more easier and niftier, tell us, and if the idea is great, we'll definitely try to implement it.

We also would like to note that if you have any ideas on the exciting and unsane software that we could develop, contact us and we will discuss your idea and possibly will start developing it working closely with you on the overall concept and implementations.

Unsanity is an open-minded company that makes great products for everyone, and we're doing our best to maintain this status.

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