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FruitMenu 1.5.2
(released 2/28/2002)
shareware, $7

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FruitMenu is a haxie that totally redefines your standard Apple Menu. You think it's long, disorganized and not useful enough? Ever wished to put all your hard drives in the Apple Menu like you could in MacOS 9? You wish the control over the Apple Menu contents was in your hands and not in Apple's? Then FruitMenu is the answer. This small and useful haxie will help you build your own Apple Menu, the way you like it.


  • Put any folders and files in your Apple menu.
  • Put complete disks in your Apple menu for easy navigation.
  • Assign hot keys to your files, folders, and commonly used tasks.
  • Access individual System Preferences immediately from a submenu.
  • See your IP Address in the Apple menu.
  • Use less-cluttered, faster implementation of Recent Applications, Documents and Folders than Apple's.
  • Add items to your Apple menu through a contextual menu with a single click.
  • Organize the Apple menu the way you want or need.
  • Easy to configure as it comes in usual Preference Pane form, accessible through System Preferences.

See customized Apple menu with System Preferences submenu. (picture, 87K)

You can easily add your hard drives to Apple menu and browse them. (picture, 71K)

If you're the minimalist type, make your Apple menu really small. (picture, 8K)
Configure it all in easy-to-use FruitMenu Preference Pane (picture, 20K)

Know how to improve FruitMenu? Tell us!

download - tell a friend - purchase - e-mail us

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