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"Now I finally have Windowshade, and Classic-like Apple ... again."

Doc Searls
Senior editor for Linux Journal and much more

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MacOS X may be great, fast, stable, and useful, but sometimes you surely will need a feature or two added. We at Unsanity are producing additions, or "hacks" for MacOS X that add extra functionality to MacOS X. We call them haxies (mix 'hack' with 'X' from MacOS X, and you'll get a haxie).

Currently we offer the following haxies, and more are in the works:

ShadowKiller 1.2
Kill all the shadows on MacOS X to speed it up on slower Macs.
WindowShade X
WindowShade X 2.0
Collapse windows and control shadows
FruitMenu 1.5.2
Apple menu the way you want it
Dock Detox
Dock Detox 1.0.1
Heal the Dock from excessive bouncing
Xounds 1.2
Appearance sounds for MacOS X

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