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ShadowKiller 1.2
(released 5/15/2002)

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ShadowKiller removes window and menu shadows in MacOS X. This changes the look of MacOS X completely, and speeds up its operation for slower Macs (such as G3). This was our first haxie, and it is distributed on a freeware basis. However, due to the nature of the haxie, we are unable to guarantee its operation for all configurations.


  • Removes all window and menu shadows on MacOS X.
  • Speeds up MacOS X on slower Macs (G3, older iMacs). Your mileage may vary. ( discussion)

Changed in v1.2:

  • ShadowKiller will toggle all shadows when the application is launched, and immediately quit - for smoothest possible integration with Login items and less clicking around!
  • Screen is being refreshed on all monitors.
  • New icon.

As you can see, when ShadowKiller is activated, there are no more shadows! (picture, 38K)

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download - tell a friend - e-mail us

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