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WindowShade X 2.0
(released 4/15/2002)
shareware, $7

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WindowShade X brings the familiar window-collapsing effect from Classic MacOS into MacOS X, and allows you to control window shadow settings. When you double-click a window title or try to minimize a window, it will do an action which can be customized to perform the default minimization to Dock or one of 4 alternative minimize styles: WindowShade, Make Window Transparent, Hide Application and Do Nothing.


  • Completely configurable window minimization actions
  • 4 Window Minimization styles
  • Window shadows control - shadow density, location, and more.
  • Support for Carbon, Cocoa and Java* applications.
  • Easy to install for current or all users with our sophisticated installer.
  • Easy to configure as it comes in usual Preference Pane form, accessible through System Preferences.

* Java applications support is limited in the current version of WindowShade X - if you try to move a windowshaded window, it will uncollapse. We are working on a fix.

One of WindowShade X minimization styles, WindowShade. (picture, 35K)
Another window minimization style, Make Window Transparent. (picture, 37K)
One of the WindowShade X preference pane sections to configure WindowShade X behavior. You can see how you can customize the behaviors. (picture, 23K)
Another WindowShade X preference pane section where you can configure custom window shadow settings. (picture, 28K)
See WindowShade X in action - two different minimization styles performed on a window. (movie, 304K)

Know how to improve WindowShade X? Tell us!

download - tell a friend - purchase - e-mail us

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