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Q: Xounds kills my Audio!

Q: Xounds kills my Audio! xounds
Xounds is not really killing your audio, it's more of a bug in Mac OS X, one which manifests itself when there are too many sound channels open. Let me explain, say you have 3 applications open. Mail, iTunes, and AIM. Mail makes noise when a new email is received, that's one channel. iTunes is playing music, that's another channel, and AIM is making noise and talking, that's two more channels. You've also got Xounds installed for a total of 5 channels of audio. In OS X, if one of those channels is open at a certain time--when the computer feels like it--it and all other channels will lose audio. For iTunes, the fix is to pause and resume playback. The thing here is that it's unrelated to Xounds specifically as it's just an anonymous sound channel. But if 5 is the requirement, and Xounds happens to make the total 5 and this (as a random number) would be enough to kill the other audio streams. I personally run about 8-15 sound channels open at all times. So I see this problem with or without Xounds installed.

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